Uniting the Recruitment Market

nFold helps companies and agencies work more efficiently together by matching the recently interviewed candidates of Agencies to vacancies at companies.

Get the best candidates matched to your vacancy

The nFold platform is a online app which matches recently interviewed candidates at our recruitment partners to vacancies at companies

Benefits to Companies
  • We match your vacancies to thousands of recently interviewed candidates
  • Fill your vacancies faster with matched candidates
  • Decrease your cost-per-hire by referring your unmatched candidates to us and decrease your fees for subsequent hires
  • Improve your candidates experience by creating opportunities for rejected candidates.
  • Only work with vetted and approved agencies
Benefits to Commercial Agencies
  • Access to placements for unmatched candidates
  • Increased Revenue & Span of control
How nFold works

Sign up & Data Privacy

Agree to our Data Privacy Terms and Conditions and Pricing and sign up as a Customer. You will receive an on-boarding pack and be able to post Vacancies and Candidates within 24 hours.

Connect & Match

If you are using a Supported ATS we will automate the retrieval of candidates and vacancies from your existing systems to match them with our network

Receive Matches

After consent is received from the sharing party you will receive matches to your Vacancies or for your unmatched candidates.


You'll be able to place recently interviewed candidates at your vacancies (companies) or at vacancies of your clients (agencies)

Features of our Platform

The benefits to our customers are numerous. Here are some reasons our existing customers choose to use nFold

Sign up for the Beta Program

nFold is currently in early Beta Launch. We are looking for corporate or agency recruiters who operate in the following verticals.

  • Finance
  • Engineering / Technical
  • Sales & Marketing
  • IT / Tech

If you’re interested in joining fill in the Beta form below or call us straight away.

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