Uniting the Recruitment Market

We connect specialized recruiters and headhunters to great business opportunities.

Making hiring easier

Benefits to Talent Sourcers
  • We bring companies with the best vacancies, terms and even exclusivity to your portfolio
  • We use our Machine Learning to generate a great brief to make it easier for you to search and sell the vacancy to your candidates
  • Terms are already agreed so you can start working immediately
  • Work on the part of recruitment you love, finding great candidates!
Benefits to Companies
  • Access to the best recruiters in the Netherlands
  • Fill your positions faster and with higher quality candidates
  • One set of terms and one single vendor for all your needs
  • As you make placements we use Machine Learning to learn about your employee preferences so that we become more and more successful over time.

Features of our Platform

The benefits to our customers are numerous. Here are some reasons our existing customers choose to use nFold

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nFold is currently in early Beta Launch. We are looking for headhunters, talent sources and freelancer recruiters who want to work with us to build their own virtual recruitment agencies.

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